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BASEM3NT is an underground multi-platform production, events and technology consulting facility, located in the heart of Adelaide


Studio@ BASEM3NT is an audio-visual production studio with a range of facilities available for hire (click here for our rates card), current as of April 2018.

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Available facilities include a white cyclorama and green screen, a sound-proofed audio recording studio and a screening room where you can view the outcome of your day's work, or present to clients or investors. Please contact us for availability.

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We partner with a number of professional hire companies around Adelaide and can gladly help you organise your equipment hire.


Tech@ BASEM3NT is where we develop custom mobile apps, cloud services and bespoke VR applications.

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Our tech workspace is where we innovate in the area of VR, working with the HTC Vive and Unity.
It's also a great ideation space.. Innovate with us!

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Events@ BASEM3NT is a space to present your latest creations.

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Advertiser Best New Venue 2015 Fringe BASEM3NT is looking forward to an exciting 2020 Fringe, with an assortment of talented stage performers lined up!

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about us

We are a young and dynamic organisation, with a strong customer-focus and a desire to make our facilities and services accessible to all.

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Basement level,
Reid House,
15-17 Featherstone Place,
Adelaide 5000


We're right at the end of Featherstone Place, under the vines, on the left!